Drill Systems Implementation

At Jentech, we specialize in helping our customers implement drill systems from the “Top Head to Bit”. We have the ability to demo products from our manufacturers allowing our suppliers the information they need to build more resilient products.  Jentech can then recommend the best tools for the job.  Always working with the latest in technology and productivity

Drilling Equipment Supplier

drill-bitsJentech Drilling Supply Inc is a service oriented supply company serving the Groundwater, Mining, and Mineral Exploration industries. We inventory a full range of drilling supplies including drill bits, drill rods and collars, drilling fluids and additives, pipe and bit handling tools and much more. We carry a full line of drilling supply products from the most well known manufacturers in the world, including; American Diamond Tool, Bariod, BestoLife, Foremost, Gearench, Halco, Matex, Matrix, Mincon, Mitsubishi, Rigid, Sandvik, and Varel and many more.

Water Well and Exploration Drilling Tools

water-well-drilling-nevadaJentech is  a fully diversified supply company, serving the large and small diameter water well markets in addition to the Mineral exploration industry. We specialize in both conventional mud or air circulation  as well as reverse circulation drilling. We can  provide the the tooling you need for any job.