EZMUDEZ-MUD liquid polymer emulsion contains partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide/polyacrylate (PHPA) copolymer and is used primarily as a borehole stabilizer to prevent reactive shale and clay from swelling and sloughing. EZ-MUD polymer emulsion is also added to low-solids drilling fluids to increase lubricity, fluid viscosity, and to improve carrying capacity of air/foam injection fluids.

  • Mixes easily with minimum shear in fresh water
  • Helps provide effective clay and shale stabilization with lower viscosity
  • Helps impart high degree of lubricity
  • Non-fermenting
  • Breaks down chemically with household bleach (sodium hypochlorite)
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certified



The use of EZ-MUD liquid polymer assists or promotes the following:

  • Stabilize reactive shale and clay formations
  • Improve borehole stability
  • Enhance slurry rheological properties
  • Alleviate mud rings, bit balling and booting-off in clay formations
  • Reduce drill pipe torque and pumping pressure
  • Minimize rod chatter in diamond core drilling
  • Create “stiff-foam” and maintain foam integrity
  • Flocculate non-reactive solids in reserve pit at low concentrations



Appearance: Thick, opaque white liquid
Density: 8.5 lb/gal (1.02 g/cm³)
pH (1 quart per 100 gallons water): 8.5
Flash point, PMCC °F, °C: >200 (>93.3)
Thermal stability, °F, °C: 250 (121)


Approximate Amounts of EZ-MUD Polymer Added to Drilling Fluids
Added to Fresh Water (to formulate a clay-free drilling fluid) Quarts/100 gal  Pints/bbl  Liters/m³ 
To stabilize reactive clay and shale 0.5-2.0 0.5-1.75 1.25-5.0
To retard rod vibration, reduce torque and pumping pressure 1.0-2.0 1.0-1.75 2.5-5.0
Added to QUIK-GEL or BORE-GEL Drilling Fluid or air/foam injection liquid Quarts/100 gal  Pints/bbl  Liters/m³ 
To retard reactive shale and clay and enhance lubricity 0.5-1.0 0.5-1.0 1.25-2.5
To improve foam performance and hole conditions 0.5-1.0 0.5-1.0 1.25-2.5


  • Make-up water used to mix EZ-MUD liquid polymer should meet the following quality: total chloride less than 1500 ppm (mg/L) total hardness less than 150 ppm as calcium total chlorine less than 50 ppm water pH between 8.5-9.5
  • Reduce total hardness of make-up water by adding soda ash (sodium carbonate) at 0.5 to 1 pound per 100 gallons (0.6 – 1.2 kg/m3 ) of make-up water.
  • EZ-MUD liquid polymer can be chemically broken down with liquid bleach in regular household concentration (5% sodium hypochlorite). Use one gallon of liquid bleach per 100 gallons (10 liters/m³) of fluid formulated with EZ-MUD liquid polymer. Do not use perfumed liquid bleach or solid calcium hypochlorite.



EZ-MUD liquid polymer is packaged in 5-gal (19-liter) and 1-gal (3.8-liter) plastic containers.