5 Inch DTH Hammers

MP55_Overview MP55SD_OverviewThe Mincon range of 5” DTH hammers is designed around proven technology to perform at the top end of the performance scale compared to other tools on the market. These tools are excellent for all types of drilling applications including residential geothermal, production quarry drilling, seismic drilling and small construction drilling.

The Mincon range of 5” hammers are available in the popular QL50 shank, the DHD 350R and the SD5 shank.

  • Patented features maximize energy output and reduce service requirements.
  • Fewer internal components minimize service requirements.
  • Valveless, high frequency design ensures smooth operation.
  • Hardened wear sleeve for optimum wear resistance even in the most abrasive conditions.
  • Multi-start threads on backhead and chuck ensure easy coupling/uncoupling of hammer.
  • Unique internal mount system eliminates the need for wear shims and special assembly tools.
  • All critical internal components are heat treated under strict control to maximize tool longevity.

Imperial Specifications

Mincon MP50 Mincon MP55 Mincon 5DH Mincon 5DHQL Mincon 55BH Mincon MP55SD
Hammer Outside Diameter 4.53″ 4.88″ 4.88″ 4.88″ 4.88″ 4.88″
Hammer Length (Less Drill Bit) 39.1″ 39.9″ 41.5″ 40.7″ 39.9″ 40.7″
Backhead Spanner Flat Size 3.5″ 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
Drill Bit Shank Type QL50 QL50 DHD 350R QL50 DHD 350R SD5/4315
Standard Backhead Thread¹ 3-3/8″ A.P.I. Reg Pin 3-1/2″ A.P.I. Reg Pin 3-1/2″ A.P.I. Reg Pin 3-1/2″ A.P.I. Reg Pin 3-1/2″ A.P.I. Reg Pin 3-1/2″ A.P.I. Reg Pin
Minimum Bit Size 5″ 5.5″ 5.5″ 5.5″ 5.5″ 5.5″
Hammer Weight (Less Bit) 124lbs 148lbs 153lbs 153lbs 146lbs 152lbs
Drill Bit Weight 35lbs 39lbs 39lbs 39lbs 39lbs 39lbs
Piston Weight 27.7lbs 33.6lbs 33.6lbs 33.6lbs 33.6lbs 33.6lbs
Backhead Stand Off 0.030″ 0.030″ 0.030″ 0.030″ 0.030″ 0.030″
Recommended Minimum Air Package² 600cfm @ 250psi 600cfm @ 250psi 600cfm @ 250psi 600cfm @ 250psi 600cfm @ 250psi 600cfm @ 250psi

¹ Other Backhead threads available upon request

² Drilling conditions and project specifications may require larger air package to be used