Deep Hole Wireline Drill Rod

Drill-Rod-2Today’s exploration efforts often require the driller to go even deeper to uncover the reserves necessary to inspire a mine. Di-Corp’s (available through Jentech) wireline drill rod solution meets such demands, the “D” wireline drill rod has been designed to withstand the stresses encountered at depth.

Each stage of the process, from material selection to manufacturing, packaging and handling, is controlled and supported by an experienced team of professionals — you can be confident that every rod that leaves our factory will perform to your expectations.

Di-Corp uses an environmentally friendly thread compound to reduce friction. This allows for the proper makeup of the joint with less torque and reduced galling.

Deep Hole vs. Standard Wireline Drill Rod

  • Keeps the joint from slipping apart
  • Less bulging and breaking
  • Prevents fluid loss
  • Complete line of accessory products are manufactured with the same precision


Sizes & Specification

Size and Thread Depth Capacity* Pullback** (rated minimum)
ND 10ft 10,000ft 75,000 lbf
ND 5ft 10,000ft 75,000 lbf
HD 10ft 8,200ft TBA lbf
HD 5ft 8,200ft  TBA lbf
PD 10ft 5,000ft  TBA lbf
PD 5ft 5,000ft  TBA lbf

*Depth capacity ratings are based on published industry values. Di-Corp uses comparable materials and manufacturing processes, and is confident the same results will be achieved. It is important to note that the care and handling, in addition to drilling conditions, practices, and equipment will play a significant role in the ultimate depth capacity and performance of any drill rod.

**Di-Corp is testing its rod offering at an independent facility and will publish values as they become available. Pullback is rated on a new, unused drill rod.