Diamond Tools

Drillers Edge Diamond Tools by Di-Corp are now available through Jentech in North America. Di-Corp manufactures a range Drillers Edge Diamond Tools suitable to the Mineral Exploration and Geotechnical  & Environmental applications.

Di-Corp manufactures a range of products that are engineered to meet a wide variety of drilling conditions. As they work with their customers to continuously improve their products, each matrix recipe is given careful consideration and is documented, only the matrices that successfully meet all of the criteria outlined will be included in their standard offering.

Drillers Edge Diamond Tools

Carbonado Bits

Di-Corp manufactures a line of bits commonly referred to as Carbonados. They are very similar to surface set bits but use carbonado diamonds which are considerably tougher and more wear-resistant than the natural diamonds used in conventional surface set bits. As a result, the Carbonado Bits perform better in harder, more abrasive formations, and offer excellent core recovery in broken ground conditions.


Casing Bits

Di-Corp offers a premium Casing Bit set to bit gauge. It is best suited for more difficult overburden drilling conditions including boulders. It offers increased life with increased diamond concentration and extended impregnation depth.


Casing Shoes

Di-Corp offers premium casing shoes to prevent casing from getting caught on irregularities in the borehole. We produce casing shoes in B, N, H, and P sizes, with economy options in N and H, and oversize options in N, H, and P. All casing shoes are manufactured and distributed according to Di-Corp Drillers Edge exacting standards.

Diamond Impregnated Bits

CoreMatrix™ diamond-impregnated bits from Di-Corp have been re-engineered for enhanced bit life and faster penetration rates across every ground condition to get you downhole faster and stay there longer. With 21 matrices to choose from and a comprehensive matrix selection chart to guide you, it is easier than ever to find the perfect CoreMatrix bit for your drilling conditions.

Reaming Shells

Di-Corp offers a range of high-quality Reaming Shells to maintain hole direction, hole gauge, and prevent premature wear of drilling tools due to vibration. The reaming shells come in diamond-impregnated and surface-set configurations available in all common DCDMA sizes.

Rod Shoes

Di-Corp offers premium rod shoes with increased diamond concentration and extended impregnation depth and gauge setting to seat drill rods into bedrock. We produce rod shoes in N, H, P, and S sizes, with economy options in H and P, and oversize options in H, P, and S. All rod shoes are manufactured and distributed according to Di‑Corp Drillers Edge exacting standards.