Avanti Injection Accessories

Jentech is the official West Coast Distributor of Avanti Products.

Accessories Available

EZ-1 Injectors

The EZ-1 injector is the most cost-effective production port available due to its disposable composite plastic design for ease and efficiency. The zerk fitting is 0.12” diameter port and 5/8” outside diameter for lower flow at high pressures. This port is the best seller and most often specified for crack injection work.

Mechanical Injectors/Packers

The Mechanical Injectors/Packers are available in three- and four-inch lengths, and 1/2″ and 5/8″ outside diameters and are reusable. These injectors/packers are designed for 45 degree and straight-on injection of cracks and expansion joints. Both 1/2″ and 5/8″ packers have 0.375″ diameter port for injection of large volumes of material. These injectors are tolerant of pressure fluctuations. Three-inch injectors may be used with an extension. Rubber sleeve color may differ.

Wall Spear Assembly

The Wall Spear Assembly is a reusable carbon steel or stainless-steel accessory used in conjunction with the “F” Assembly as a resin injector for acrylics.

“F” Assembly

The “F” Assembly is to be used with a two-component pumping system for injecting acrylic grouts. The “F” Assembly contains a stainless-steel or non-stainless steel assembly with quick connects and two way shut-off valves

Resin Injection Gun

The Resin Injection Gun is used with single-component pumping systems. The stainless-steel gauge attached to the gun reads pressures while injecting into the crack. The tip is fitted with a grease fitting coupler unless using with a Button Head Coupler

AV-219 Fibrotite (Oakum Rope)

AV-219 Fibrotite – Oakum – is a fibrous jute material free of oils/tars used in cracks or joints in areas a carrier is needed to keep grout in place. Designed for use with the Expanded Gasket Placement Technique (EGP).


  • Large Box – (7) 100 ft. twisted fiber sections (30.5 m)
  • Small Box – (25) 2 ft. twisted fiber sections (0.60 m).