Con Det


CON_DETCON DET wetting agent is a proprietary blend of anionic surfactants is specially formulated for use in fresh water, salt water, and in low-solids drilling fluids. Con Det is effective in low concentrations, is easy to mix with water, is biodegradable and is compatible with other Baroid products.

The use of CON DET wetting agent can promote the following:

  • Keep the drill bit clean
  • Slow breakup of cuttings while being transported from bit to surface
  • Counteract the sticking tendencies of clays, thereby reducing wall packing, bit balling, booting-off, and formation of mud rings
  • Settling of cuttings at the surface in low solids fluid systems



Appearance: Clear red liquid
Specific gravity: 1.03
pH (1% solution): 8.9
Flash point, PMCC: 210°F (99°C)
Pour Point: 28°F (-2.2°C)


Approximate Amounts of CON DET Wetting Agent Added to Water
Desired Condition/Result  Amount/100 gal  Amount/bbl  Liters/m3 
To promote bit cleaning and to settle cuttings 2 – 4 pints 1 – 2 pints 2 – 5 liters
To reduce stickiness of clays 1 – 6 quarts 1 – 3 quarts 5 – 12 liters



CON DET wetting agent is packaged in 5-gal (19-liters) plastic containers.