PETOL Bukup Tongs

PETOL BUKUP TONGS are designed for use with a pipe machine for “bucking up” and “bucking off” tool joints. Larger sizes may be used for breaking out drill collars, reamers or similar heavy jobs. The wide range of each size of PETOL Bukup Tong reduces to a minimum the tools needed for handling the many sizes of tool joints. The PETOL Special Chain combinations used with this tong come complete with heavy-duty bolts, which make it possible to change quickly from one O.D. size to another. This tong grips in the upward motion and ratchets in the downward motion.



Catalog No.  O.D.*  Gripping Width  Handle Length  Weight** 
BA115H 2-1/8″ -8″ 4.66″ 48″ 64lbs
BA116 4″ – 10″ 6.00″ 48″ 122lbs
BA116H 4-1/4″ – 10-3/4″ 6.06″ 48″ 151lbs
BA120 6″ – 120″ 10.88″ 72″ 546lbs
*Chain assemblies must be ordered separately. Contact for details.

**Weights do not include chain.


WARNING: Do not exceed maximum working load. Overloading may result in injury or death. Always use a load cell or other calibrated indicating device to monitor the line pull on the tong to avoid overload. Read Safe Practices & Procedures Manual prior to operation. Follow OSHA, NSC, etc. standards, safe practices, and procedures.