Let Jentech Drilling Supply assist you in supplying and implementing  a drill string to match your drilling requirements. We inventory a full range of drilling supplies including drill bits, drill rods and collars, stabilizers, drilling fluids and additives, pipe and bit handling tools and much more. We carry a full line of drilling supply products from the top manufacturers in the world, including; Baroid, Mincon, Halco, Sandvik, Matex, Eastern Driller Manufacturer, Petol Tools (Gearench), Western Rubber, and more.

Our drill steel is built from high quality Timken Alloy steel. All pipe over 5″ OD is Submerged, Arch Welded and then Sonogrammed for quality control. 5″ and under is Inertia Welded. We can help you with Drill Collars and Stabilizers for weight and angle control as well. Click one of our drill supplies listed below to learn more.

Rotary-&-Tricone-Bits Drill-Steel-2 Hole-Openers-&-Drag-Bits
 DTH Hammers & Bits Rotary & Tricone Bits Drill Steel & Accessories Hole Openers & Drag Bits
Core-retrieval-system-products Diamond-Tools-Products-2 Drilling-Fluids-Products-1 Miscellaneous
 Core Retrieval Tools & Accessories Diamond Tools Drilling Fluids Miscellaneous Tools

For more information on our product offerings please call us at: (775) 424-3045