Miscellaneous Tools

Casing Advancement Systems

Casing Advancement Systems consists of drilling through overburden while advancing the casing into the hole at the same time. Casing Advancement Systems are the preferred method for drilling in difficult ground conditions including loose formations and where boulders are present.

Jentech is an authorized distributor for Mitsubishi Materials and is a leading distributor of the ULTRA MAXBIT casing advancement systems. The ULTRA MAXBIT is used for simultaneous drilling and casing in unstable soft ground formations, and is also applicable for wide range of ground conditions such as sand, gravel and boulders and rock.


Casing Alignment Clamps

Casing Alignment Clamps are simple, quick, and easy to use. Pull the hand lever and the flat cross bars quickly align two casing ends so they can be accurately tack-welded together. Remove the clamp and finish the welding. Jentech offers a range of Casing Alignment Clamps in various sizes.


Chain Wrenches

Chain Wrenches are designed for use with a pipe machine for bucking up and bucking off tool joints. Larger sizes may be used for breaking out drill collars, reamers or similar heavy jobs. Jentech is an authorized distributor of Gearench (Petol Tools) range of chain wrenches.

Wrenches available include:




We offer both PVC and Steel Elevators in a range of sizes. Elevators are a hinged device with handles that are used to wrap around the tool joint of drill pipe, casing or lift nipples (for collars) to facilitate the lifting or lowering of them singly or of the drill string as a whole.

To latch around a piece of pipework, a set of Elevators need a precise internal diameter, with an appropriately profiled shoulder to accommodate the lower profile of a tool joint. The latch mechanism has to prevent opening under radial loads of up to hundreds of tons. For some purposes (casing elevators, and loading pipe into and out of the derrick), the Elevators also need to resist cross-axial loads of the weight of the pipe joints.

Let us work with you to provide the right tooling for the job.