Hole Openers & Drag Bits

Bit3.1Jentech offers a range of  Hole Openers and Drag Bits to suite most drilling conditions. In addition, Jentech specializes in large diameter custom built Hole Openers and Drag bits as well as R/C bits for mineral exploration and soil sampling.

At Jentech we stock a large selection of drill bits on the shelf both new and re-run. We stock bits of all sizes and cutting structures. We can recommend the right bit for you and provide the quality you need to get the “hole down”.

Hole Openers

Hole Openers which are used to enlarge the borehole during a well drilling operation. Hole Openers can be positioned either above the drill bit or above a pilot run inside the existing borehole. Hole opener arms have to sustain heavy loads during operations and are generally made of high-grade alloy steel, welded onto a solid alloy steel body.

Drag Bits

Drag Bits are usually designed for use in soft formations such as sand, clay, or some soft rock. Drag Bits are often used in the following applications: water wells, mining, geothermal, environmental and exploration drilling. Jentech offers Drag Bits in both Step type and Chevron type.

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